He asked to hold my hand

This little boy has got my heart. He tugs not only on my hand as he takes me from room to room around the house to play, but he tugs at my heart strings, too. He’s tender, he’s kind, and he tells me he is brave. “Brave” he will say with conviction.

But even though he is trying to be brave, he is still a boy who needs his mama, and I’m glad. Because this mama still wants her little boy. After all, nowadays there is less rocking, the closeness of nursing is a distant memory, and cuddles are becoming fewer and farther between as he grows more independent day by day. But even though he’s growing, I long for those moments of just being close–the two of us.

The other day after he was hard at play for a while, we climbed in the car to drive home and there he was in the back. He suddenly said aloud, “Hold hand.” I looked back and there he was reaching for my hand. “Hold hand” he said again. He situated his hand just right and then he looked out the window-Just content- “cloud!” and “mountain!” he exclaimed.


It was this moment that I was so grateful for. For a couple moments my boy was back in my reach. Just him and I, and the clouds and mountains within our grasp.

“A mother holds her children’s hands for a while, their hearts forever.”- Unknown

He may not reach back and hold my hand for much longer, in fact, in a matter of a few short years, I don’t think he’d be caught dead doing that. But forever, we’ll be close. He’ll be my little, rascal boy, and I’ll be his mom–forever.

The spare change of our lives

Yesterday my boy and I were playing with a bottle of our family’s spare change. Since Sam and I were married, we have dumped our spare change into the same bottle and moved on with the day. Slowly the bottle has filled up and I’m starting to wonder if we should either spend it on something completely for fun, put it into savings, OR get a bigger bottle.

Oh, the important questions I sit pondering about. 😉

The spare change of our lives(1)

But as my son and I were playing with the coins, I started realizing my life has been made greatly better, if not made completely more beautiful, due to the spare change in my life. Those little daily experiences that I subconsciously drop into my bucket of mommy life and then move past.

Just like this bottle of spare change is filled with pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters– so is my life filled with these seemingly insignificant moments, that in the end, if treasured, add up to a large amount.

My life is mainly made of these small moments. So here is my life, documented in precious spare change:

Watching my boy soak up (or eat up) nature, discover the bees floating from flower to flower, and see the ants crawl around


Feeling Parker snuggle into me, wrap his arm tightly around my neck, and simply enjoy the fact that we are two peas in a pod


Dates with my husband, Sam. When we can be carefree and more fully remember what sparked our love in the first place.


Listening to Parker belly laugh while on the swings… or anywhere. His glee seems to envelope my soul and make me smile no matter what.


Seeing Parker’s sweet face relax and drift to sleep. This is when I can study his face and silently thank God for sending him to me.


These moments are not rare at all; they are just as prevalent as a penny on the ground or a quarter in the couch. Yet to me they add up to a beautiful, happy life.

What are some of the everyday moments that bring you a touch a happiness or a smile to your face?

Feature: J House VLOGS

This is an exciting day for me! I am featuring some of my favorite people and their addicting VLOG. What is a vlog? It is a blog, except the medium is video. My dear, sweet, hilarious sister, Kendra, and her cute family have a Family Vlog. They upload their videos onto Youtube everyday, and let me tell you– it is absolutely hilarious, touching, sweet, real, and puts into a short video what real life with kids is all about.

Why have a family vlog? In their words:

“We are posting family vlogs on YouTube. With 4 little kiddos and time flying so fast, we want to capture some of these amazing moments in life.”

J House Vlogs

Click on the picture to find their Youtube Channel J House Vlogs, see their latest videos, and meet their adorable family!

A little bit about J House Vlogs. Kendra is a Stay at home mom, who in another life worked as a Labor and Delivery Nurse. She is just downright hilarious, so sensitive, and has a major love for cookies. Her husband, Jeremy, is a talented lawyer, sports enthusiast, and one of the most genuine people I have met. Their kids are extremely passionate, sweet, energetic, and determined. They are currently in their first year of homeschooling their kids.

If you want a little sneak peak into their lives, check out this video!

Sometimes my kid eats dirt

The other day I actually made dinner. I made some bread to go with it. I was feeling pretty good about myself! I was even more excited, because its one of P’s favorite foods.

Well, it didn’t turn out like I expected. He wouldn’t eat much, was whiny, and instead ran out in the garden, sat down with his spoon and started happily eating mouth fulls of dirt.

Here he is, with his dinner spoon, feasting on dirt.

Here he is, with his dinner spoon, feasting on dirt.

At this point, I was intrigued and slightly irritated. I had prepared a yummy, delicious, nutritious dinner and he chose dirt?? I began to realize this little moment was just a taste of what would happen in years to come.

Even at his young age, P has his own desires, interests, and ideas. His idea of a good meal was dirt; my home cooked meal was not. I imagine in the future that there will be more differences of opinion. I’ll disagree with a choice he makes. I’ll think he is absolutely, completely crazy! Not that his choice is bad, but more based on preference I don’t understand. So really, I’m glad I had this experience, because I need these experiences to get used to the fact that I cannot control him.

P is not my son so I can mold him into a mini me. He is my son so that I can present options, nurture his talents, and mostly love him. Love him, even if sometimes he chooses to eat dirt.

How have you learned to love your kids with their unique quirks, personality, and ideas?

I got you, babe.

The last trip our little family went on was exhausting, but meaningful for many reasons. I’ve thought back on a couple instances in particular that were those “mommy moments.” When I feel like I’m at the tipping point between tiredness and utter exhaustion, and then something beautiful happens; something that reminds me I’m doing a great work.

We were on our first flight of the day, and already had spent 3 1/2 hours waiting around at the airport, and been up for 5 hours. It was 10 am. P was beyond tired. He was restless on the airplane, needing constant interaction and on the verge of tears.Then all of a sudden he just relaxed in my arms and slipped into silent, even breathing. Oh the beauty of silent, sleep.

I sat and stared at his sweet features, realizing what a perfect creation he is. Eyes, nose, eyelashes, cheeks… our bodies are amazing. Do you ever wish you could memorize your kids? Or just take a picture of those moments so they never go away?

I got you, babe.

My favorite part of this picture? His little arm wrapped tight around my neck. There is something great about being needed.

Then, all of a sudden he became restless. He woke up and his eyes darted back and forth, looking nervously around the plane. He seemed so scared and confused about his surroundings. I caught his attention, and smiled at him warmly. As soon as he caught my glace, he immediately softened, closed his eyes and fell back to sleep. These thoughts just kept coming back to my mind.

I’ve got you, babe. You are mine, and you are safe. Not to worry.

What a wonderful thing motherhood is. For me, it was the most wonderful feeling in the world to see P look up at me, and then realize he was safe. With me around, he was comforted. For me, there couldn’t be a better compliment in the world.

Today, P has been teething. He’s grumpy, grouchy, and crying. To comfort myself I keep replaying that precious moment. The moment I felt a little boys utter and complete confidence in me.

God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers. ~ Jewish Proverb

How does your babe make you feel needed and loved?