Why I’m glad to be surrounded by imperfect people

Even though it may seem counter-intuitive, I am glad I am imperfect and that I am surrounded by imperfect people.

Block letters spelling "Imperfection" that are not perfectly lined up.

Why would I be glad about imperfections? Doesn’t everyone secretly wish their spouse had a couple less imperfections; their parents had been slightly more perfect at parenting; or even that their children, friends and neighbors were a little bit more… perfect?

Of course everyone thinks that. I think that too. On the surface it seems that imperfections lead to nothing beneficial–hurt feelings, awkward situations, heated arguments, and sometimes even abuse.

So remind me again why I am glad to be surrounded by imperfect people?

When I got married both my husband’s imperfections, as well as my own, became like high beams perpetually shining straight into my eyes. It seemed I couldn’t get past them. The imperfections streamed into every part of my life. It was miserable and yet at the same time, I began to realize these imperfections were the very things that brought me closer to God.

I am an imperfect person and at times can’t handle the stress of life, so I go to God. My imperfect husband and imperfect me have an argument that leaves me emotionally empty, so I go to God. My imperfect, but sweet child, has tantrums over and over that strip me of my strength, so I go to God. My imperfect family make choices that affect me or hurt my feelings, so I go to God. The imperfect acquaintances or friends around me say an off-handed comment that offends me, so I go to God.

So in the end, do we really want everyone around us to be perfect if it is precisely their imperfections that bring us to God?

You see, if the world was full of perfect people, then there wouldn’t be things that brought us to God. And what a sad predicament that would be. So in reality, all these imperfect people are blessings, because they bring us to God. And in my life, it is when I go to God that I become more of the person I hope to become.

“My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents and I lay them both at His feet.”- Gandhi

So lets be kind to one another in our imperfect state and then most importantly, go to God.

How have you learned to embrace your own imperfections? How have you learned from your own or others imperfections? Have you grown closer to God as you have dealt with imperfections? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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