When life looks bleak

Many of you know that mid-September and October were difficult for our family. We were told we needed to move in one month, but we were having a difficult time finding another place to live. Things kept falling through, while my anxiety started to rise through the roof.

Moving was a serious roller coaster. I remember readers commenting about how everything would work out; how there was beauty and happiness in store. But honestly, at the time I wasn’t seeing the glimmer; I wasn’t seeing the break in my stormy skies. All I saw was bleak and grey.

When life looks

But, now I sit here and am writing from the other side–the break in the clouds. I’m writing as we are one week away from moving into the house we originally wanted–the house we were hoping all along to get into. I’m awestruck.

It all worked out. The clouds broke. The sun glimmers now.

Sometimes it really doesn’t seem like things will work out or there is happiness ahead. When people say it will work out their words almost seem cliché, detached, or fake. At least that is how I felt. Do they really understand? Do they see the storm clouds in my sky and how ominous they look?

But, if this experience has taught me something, it is that the clouds really do break and the sun really does shine again. There are greater things in store for us than we can imagine being possible. Maybe the sun doesn’t shine in the exact way we imagined, but it does shine. It shines bright. All because there is a loving Heavenly Father who is aware of us–who is guiding our path through this sometimes bleak, grey life.

Two months ago, I didn’t think I would be where I am today, painting our house and preparing to move in. But, here it is and my skies are bright.

“God is in your corner. Everything will work for our good.”

Jeffrey R. Holland

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