To my unborn child: My heart still yearns for you

{This post was written before I found out I was pregnant. It was a Sunday afternoon, and I was feeling the loss of previous negative tests along with wondering about what the future would hold. I sat down on my in-laws porch and wrote this out on my phone…}

My heart today is at peace, but still yearning–sincerely, sincerely yearning that I will be pregnant with our next little one. I pray for that child and anxiously await the day I will know it is coming–on its way.

In my heart, I know the day will come. In my heart, I know that things will happen according to the will of God and His perfect timing. But even though I feel that peace, my heart still loves my unborn child; my heart still yearns.

You see, I’m starting to feel that a mother’s love knows no bounds. My love transcends earth and life. It leaps to an unborn child still safely in the arms of God in Heaven.


My love feels a special kindred love towards our child. I feel as though the child is close by and knows me as his or her mother. And I yearn. I yearn for the day that we can meet face to face, skin to skin, and welcome it into our family.

Even though I’m at peace knowing that God understands and that he is guiding my process of conception, I still feel a deep, deep yearning that cannot be simply put in the back of my head, or forgotten.

I love my unborn child and I yearn for the day I will learn it is on its way into our loving arms.

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5 thoughts on “To my unborn child: My heart still yearns for you

  1. This is beautiful, Marla. I can’t even imagine the pain those feelings of infirtility must be like, but since I know the feeling of loving a child on the way so very much, I know it must be agonizing for those that try and have to wait. You’re so right, a mother’s love has no bounds. I’m so happy that your little one is on the way now and your time of waiting is over! My sister is expecting in January by the way! 🙂 She had pretty much decided another baby just wasn’t part of God’s plan for them and had packed up all the baby clothes and toys to take to consign. Then came that positive test! 🙂 🙂

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    • Oh my!! Thank you for letting me know about your sister! I’ve thought about her since, and that brings so much happiness to know that she is expecting! It seems so often that it is when we start to give up hope that God is there, and the blessing comes. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Chelsi. 🙂


  2. This made me cry because I was sitting down with exactly the same thoughts. I prayed for some guidance on how to put it all into words and up popped your post. Thank you for providing exactly what I needed to read tonight and a big congratulations on your exciting news!


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