A little something for YOU

This is a slight different post than normal. Different, because it comes with an invitation and opportunity.

Are you ever dying for something just for you? A hobby or an interest that lets your mind float away from the dirty diapers and the dishes? I do. It seems like since becoming a mom, the urge is even stronger.

I crave activities that remind me of my femininity and encourage my own hygiene. Because lets just say, that since becoming a mom, I’m way more apt to run around the house in exercise shorts, t-shirt, and ponytail all day.

Recently I heard about Jamberry Nails. The vinyl, no chemical, easy application, cheap, 300 styles to choose from–nails. I’d been invited to multiple parties on Facebook, but just didn’t really pay attention. Then, I joined a party. They willingly gave me a FREE sample and It was enjoyable! I ended up winning a free pedicure and full manicure set. Awesome! But besides the free nails, It reminded me that I love getting dressed up and revitalizing myself.


The free sample I tried! A simple comparison between Jamberry and nail polish. It was amazing to me how after 2 weeks, my Jamberry nail look almost new.

So here’s the opportunity. If you would like to join my ONLINE Jamberry Party through Facebook, then click HERE. You can then ask for a free sample and they’ll send it to you right away. No pressure to buy, just simply an opportunity to try something new! Why not satisfy the curiosity?

Have you every tried Jamberry Nails? What is your favorite thing to do for YOU?

Happy Monday! To see my most recent, normal post “Motherhood doesn’t just happen,” click HERE.

4 thoughts on “A little something for YOU

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