Say YES to happiness

Say yes to happinessWhen I was in high school I got hooked on a song called “Say Yes.” It was a song written by our church to uplift and encourage teenagers.

“We say yes, yes, yes to happiness
we say yes to freedom and yes to hope
yes to everything good that we know”

At the time it was a song I listened to on my way to school, where undoubtedly there seemed to be drama, discouragement or feelings of loneliness. At school, it was hard not to get lost in the drama and simultaneously wave goodbye to my happiness. In fact, many days happiness was something I wanted to cling to desperately.

So as I listened to this song I was trying to commit myself to happiness, no matter what happened at school during the day. Rain or shine, friends or no friends, good grades or bad grades I wanted to wake up in the morning and “say yes” to happiness–whatever happiness I could grasp.

In this way, I’m very similar to my high school self.  This morning I woke up on I don’t know what side of the bed. I’m feeling drained with all the decisions in my life right now. I want to be happy during the good times, but just as much during the hard, stressful, at-my-wits-end times. I really want to say yes to happiness.


Parker’s sad grumpy face. Sometimes do we choose to be grumpy?

But, sometimes I’m just downright grumpy and in essence, I say “no” to happiness. I slam the door in its face determined to be grumpy and spread rain clouds throughout my home. I have no idea why I am continually tempted to hang out in my grumpiness! It’s a mystery to me.

However, I’ve realized all over again that living in my own rain cloud does no good; no good for me, no good for my husband, and no good for my boy.

The choice really is mine.

I can choose whether I walk in sunshine or rain clouds. My inner weather is decided by ME. So, whatever the circumstances, whatever today may have in the cards, I’m going to try to say yes to happiness. Will you try it to?

How do you “say yes” to happiness in your life? How do you stay happy despite hard things happening? I would love your advice and insights!

7 thoughts on “Say YES to happiness

  1. That’s such a fundamental discipline, isn’t it! I got pulled over and handed my very first traffic infringement this past week for driving through an amber light, and the copper had been aggressive and belligerent. And I really struggled not to let that incident cast a pallor over my week. Trying to do things for others was one way I clung onto happiness, whether it was writing an encouraging letter or taking someone out for coffee on her father’s death anniversary. But I sure struggled! Thanks for the reminder about choice. Wonder what the tune of that song is!

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    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience! You are so right, choosing to be happy is so fundamental, yet so hard to master. It is the work of a lifetime, I think. I am inspired by how you invited happiness into your life after getting a ticket. (Tickets have such a way of stealing happiness, don’t they?) I can definitely learn from you. Happiness comes from thinking of those around us and focusing outward just as you did. Thank you for sharing and for visiting my blog! 🙂


  2. It is often so much harder to choose happiness, and that’s so sad. But were human and sometimes, I think it’s ok to be grumpy, as long as we don’t stay there and wallow in it. I know I have my moments of it all!!!! We all do. You my friend, exude joy, even if you aren’t exactly happy right now!

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