The spare change of our lives

Yesterday my boy and I were playing with a bottle of our family’s spare change. Since Sam and I were married, we have dumped our spare change into the same bottle and moved on with the day. Slowly the bottle has filled up and I’m starting to wonder if we should either spend it on something completely for fun, put it into savings, OR get a bigger bottle.

Oh, the important questions I sit pondering about. 😉

The spare change of our lives(1)

But as my son and I were playing with the coins, I started realizing my life has been made greatly better, if not made completely more beautiful, due to the spare change in my life. Those little daily experiences that I subconsciously drop into my bucket of mommy life and then move past.

Just like this bottle of spare change is filled with pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters– so is my life filled with these seemingly insignificant moments, that in the end, if treasured, add up to a large amount.

My life is mainly made of these small moments. So here is my life, documented in precious spare change:

Watching my boy soak up (or eat up) nature, discover the bees floating from flower to flower, and see the ants crawl around


Feeling Parker snuggle into me, wrap his arm tightly around my neck, and simply enjoy the fact that we are two peas in a pod


Dates with my husband, Sam. When we can be carefree and more fully remember what sparked our love in the first place.


Listening to Parker belly laugh while on the swings… or anywhere. His glee seems to envelope my soul and make me smile no matter what.


Seeing Parker’s sweet face relax and drift to sleep. This is when I can study his face and silently thank God for sending him to me.


These moments are not rare at all; they are just as prevalent as a penny on the ground or a quarter in the couch. Yet to me they add up to a beautiful, happy life.

What are some of the everyday moments that bring you a touch a happiness or a smile to your face?

10 thoughts on “The spare change of our lives

  1. The spare change of life….there she goes again. You are so fun! I love how you come up with these perspectives. Spare change of life. Yep, can think of alot of spare change in my life that I couldn’t live without. A good thought for my day here.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! It was honestly fun for me to think about the little things that are my spare change. And thanks for making me feel great! Out sure know how to compliment me in a way that makes me so happy. Thank you for that 🙂


  2. Oh my goodness! Check out the smile on that kid. Pure joy! This post makes me so happy. Our kids had a sleepover with grandparents last night (first time away from us overnight for our youngest!). This morning as I walked in their room I realized how much of the little things, the “spare change” I often take for granted. Their giggles at six in the morning, their cozy little bodies wrapped in a blanket at our table for breakfast, talking to my husband as we drive… I love this analogy! The spare change sure can add up.

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    • That is so fun that your boys got to have a sleepover at the grandparents house! I imagine that was quite surreal for you and your husband to have no boys to take care of! 🙂 But, I think you are completely right. Sometimes it seems that we don’t see what brings us happiness until it is gone. Those moments can be so precious. Thank you for sharing your experience, Chelsi, and I hope you enjoyed your night alone!


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