Wearing big shoes

Lately my little boy is becoming a lot less little. Today he fed himself dinner using utensils, helped me clean the house, and practiced putting on my shoes. He naturally is driven to do more and more for himself and is steadily refusing my help. He is quite independent and capable, you know. It is strange that not long ago I would day dream of when he would be big, more self sufficient, and less reliant on me.

Now I’m not so sure. Tonight I want to relish in his sweet, young innocence, because when the sun rises in the morning he’ll be one day older.little boy sitting down trying on adult shoes. He is smiling and very proud of himself.There is a refreshing passion, energy, and newness that surrounds my little boy. Each step he takes is filled with wonder and curiosity. What new will he discover today?

There is an absolute purity and innocence that bubbles out of him freely. Each game of hide-and-seek is exhilarating and new. How will his giggles fill my soul with delight today?

There is a complete trust that flows from every fiber of his being into mine. Every owie is mine to kiss; every hurt dream is mine to heal. How will we comfort each other today?

There is something absolutely beautiful about childhood, that I am amazed and in love with. So for now my vivacious, adventurous, gleeful little boy–I love you just how you are. The time will come when you’ll wear those big shoes. You’ll lace them up all by yourself and run out the door with my heart on your sleeve.

So for now and tomorrow, why don’t you keep wearing your alligator sandals. The way you trot around in them is infectious. They are my favorite. They fit you best.

Blue and green little boy sandals with alligators on them.

8 thoughts on “Wearing big shoes

    • Thank you for sharing your experience! Oh wow, I imagine the time passed so quickly! It’s so hard to imagine my boy will ever be big like yours. You are right, I better enjoy these Velcro, alligator shoes while I can!


  1. Marla, it seems we both have growing up on the brain lately. Your words brought me front and center with my own little newly independent guy. I felt every word with such sorrow and joy. For us it is the slip on TOMS, I too think they fit him best. 🙂

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    • I agree, these kiddos are growing up so fast! It is surprising me each day. It seems like our boys are around the same age. P is almost 18 months. And I love that your boy wears slip on TOMS, that just sounds so adorable! 🙂


  2. And here I sit reading this post for the second time now (saw it first the other day) and I’m thinking, ‘My son’s feet are size 12! How did this happen so fast?’ What’s worse is that he’s really into shoes…..he has about 20 pair in different colours so he can match the outfit of the day……I remember when he was small, he NEVER had a pair of shoes that he didn’t wear out before he outgrew them. And now? He waterproofs/stainproofs his shoes and is upset if there is a spot on them! Oh, there is so much more fun to come…yes, enjoy your little one now, but be happy for what’s to come too……it really is quite interesting to see them go through so many different phases.

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    • Oh my goodness! My boy has a long way to go before he has a collection like your sons! 🙂 It is fun to see what they are passionate, huh? I love your perspective on growing up. It is fun and enjoyable to watch him now, but I have so much fun to look forward to! Thank you for sharing your experience! 🙂


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