Small Victories!

Today, I woke up with that deep, raspy cough we all know. It’s the one when you realize you want to be laying on the couch all day long with a bag of cough drops, box of tissues, bottles of liquid, and a good show all within arms length. Then you remember: you’re a mom. And that little sweetheart in the next room over is just waking up, wanting to play, explore the world, and laugh today. And not only that, they want to do it with you.


I walked into our kitchen and was forcefully reminded that I really needed to get around to doing the dishes in the sink; they were beginning to change the scent of the kitchen in an undesirable way. I surprised myself by turning on Pandora and beginning to do the dishes, then sweep the floor. It was then that I realized,

Hey, I’m doing better than I think. I’m experiencing small victories. I am more capable than I have ever been before.

Sometimes I go on my merry way in life, or not so merry way, and begin to think I haven’t made any progress. I still can’t always keep the house clean, I still say unkind things to my spouse, I still get offended by what people say, I still have a hard time staying close to God. In essence, I believe I’m stagnant; there are no victories. But in reality, I’m experiencing small victories all the time. Sink with big bowl full of soapy dishwater. In the middle it says "Small Victories"I am not that freshman girl I used to be, barely able to take care of myself when I was sick. I’m not the girl who always let the dishes pile up. I am now the girl that got out of bed today and greeted my little boy with a smile. I am the girl who washed the dishes, swept the floor, played with my son, went on a walk, and a number of other things even when I was feeling lousy. So, here’s to the small victories! Here’s to the little wins we experience that are almost imperceptible when we’re running around like busy bees, but become apparent when we stop and re-evaluate how victorious we really are.

6 thoughts on “Small Victories!

    • That would have been wonderful! But luckily, I keep feeling better. And plus, now that I am a mom, I think of you often and how you took care of all of us when we were sick, even if you felt lousy. You are my inspiration! Thank you! 🙂


  1. Ugh! Nasty cough. It seems to be everywhere! It sounds like even sick you had lots of small victories…even if you were feeling well I’d say you accomplished quite a bit! It IS interesting how we look at life and think we’re stagnant, until we think about who we used to be and who we’ve become. I just spent the last two hours straightening up our messy house, all while feeling like I can never get ahead and nothing ever gets accomplished…but I just need to think about those small victories. Thank you for this sweet reminder to look for the positive!

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    • Yeah, it seems like so many people are sick! I hope your family is getting better 🙂 and seriously, especially with kids, I feel like cleaning up can be exhausting! They create more messes as we clean. Sometimes I just like to turn around and look at the clean room for a moment, feel satisfaction, and then realize that at least because I cleaned, it is cleaner than it would have been. I’m glad you enjoyed the post! I am sure you are much more victorious than you give yourself credit for. 🙂


      • We are much better, thanks! Hope you are as well, and your family didn’t catch it too! Yes, children are little tornadoes, that’s for sure. That rare moment that everything is picked up and clean is so nice! Even if it only lasts a minute or two. 🙂

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      • Yes, luckily just me and my son had it, my husband somehow dodged it! I’m grateful for that, cause he is the busiest one! And you are right, it is smart to savor the short moments of absolute cleanliness. 🙂


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