In This Moment

I recently started following this sweet mom’s blog, and I’m so glad I did. She is so down to earth. Her post today really touched me. I feel like so often I have reached my limit. I’m simply done. I’m about to break from exhaustion, emotions, everything… and then P shines me one of his smiles. He giggles. He tries to make me laugh. And then, even though I feel I am determined to be unhappy, he pulls a smile out of me. I just can’t resist.

How do the little ones in your life bring you happiness and sunshine?

Mom Life Now


Life has hit me wrong, left me hurting. The pain seems more than I can bear right now. I enter your room and am immediately met with four little feet charging straight ahead, nearly knocking me over in embrace. “Mommy! Mommy!” you squeal.

Here with you, in this moment, the pain somehow fades to sweet peace and I smile.

We are trying to reach our destination, or, I am trying to reach it. You do not cease to move at the speed of snails, stopping at each new wood chip, rock, piece of trash. I am busy, we do not have time. You hear the music playing from one of the storefronts and begin to dance–one of you a ballerina, the other a simple knee bopper.

Here with you, in this moment, life’s busyness can wait another day.

I am exhausted, wiped, my fourteen hour work day with you has…

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4 thoughts on “In This Moment

  1. Marla, you seem to be such an amazing mom and wife and woman in general! I am so happy I have connected with you and your lovely blog!!!!


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